Lilla, a self-proclaimed make-up freak living in Germany who decided to find an audience who would listen to lectures on make-up and not roll their eyes.

As to my views regarding animal testing, obviously I am against it and want it banned worldwide. I have a dog, and the thought of my money going towards torturing animals like my dog sickens me. However, my views on certain points may be different to yours, so I will clarify them here. Some people do not feel comfortable supporting brands who are owned by companies that test on animals, or who have expanded into places, for example China, where the government may test products going onto the market without the knowledge of the company. My personal beliefs in situations like these is that if a company will advocate alternative tests and bans on animal testing, I will continue to support the company. I do not want my money to go towards the torture of animals, but I do want my money to go to helping the cause. I know that other people do not feel this way, and do not want to support these companies. For these people, I have marked the companies that I know of that have expanded into China, and those that are owned by parent companies that do test. If I use a product from companies that fit into either of those categories, I will try to include a product from a more suitable brands as an alternative.


Leaping Bunny Organization:


LUSH Animal Testing Movement:


Humane Society Petition to Support Bans on Animal Testing:


PETA Video on Animal Testing


PETA Undercover Footage in a Laboratory:


**WARNING** this video is very graphic and sick, this is actually the video that convinced me to become cruelty-free. I think it should be seen, but just prepare yourself.

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  1. Hi Lilla,

    I am always have to meet someone who is against animal testing as much as myself but I’m afraid I have to voice some concerns.

    First of all. In China ALL beauty products & brands MUST be tested on animals by law. If a brands decides to sell to China they know without a shadow of a doubt that all of their products will be cruelly tested on animals.

    I also have concerns with some of the email confirmations you have published. There are many brands here who state that their products are not tested on animals. Whilst this is true they are very well known for testing the ingredients used in the products they sell. As far as I’m concerned this is exactly the same thing.

    Best regards


    • Also you have reviewed products from companies like Revlon who are notorious animal testers. They pay a 3rd party to do the testing for them which is why they can say Revlon doesn’t test on animals, which is technically true but isn’t really if they are just paying someone else to do the testing!

    • I agree. Plus there are so many of the companies listed that have a parent company who are animal testers. Such as The Body Shop, Bare Minerals, Smashbox, etc. I think mybeautybunny.com is a better blog and notices these concerns. She is always updating and investigating these “cruelty free” brands. I think if you are going to make a blog about this subject you need to tackle it from all angles….

      • Dear Sarah,
        My blog strives to take into account all views on the matter. I have demarcated the companies with parents who test to allow people to decide for themselves how strict they want to be in their avoidance. Some companies are very strongly against the practice of animal testing and do a lot for the cause, despite who they are owned by, like the Body Shop. Some people think this warrants supporting them, some people like you don’t. I provide all this information for the express purpose of allowing people to make informed decisions according to their own beliefs- so the people that choose not to support companies owned by testing parents can do so.
        I hope this has clarified some points for you! If you have any other concerns, please do notify me.

  2. I cannot believe you can consider yourself a cruelty free blog and yet support companies that sell in China. All companies that sell in China KNOW that their products will be repeatedly tested on animals and by selling in China give their consent for this to happen simply to make more money. There is no excuse for this and I do not see how anyone could consider these products as cruelty free in any way. Of course, since you seem to want more “verification” to make sure a company DOES TEST ON ANIMALS, rather than asking for more verification or proof from those that do not, I really should not be surprised. I, for one, will be deleting your blog from my email before I even read it from now on. This is disgraceful!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT A CRUELTY FREE BLOG!!!!!

  3. Hallo, ich bin auch seit einigen Monaten dabei komplett auf cruelty free Kosmetik umzusteigen, daher kenne ich die gängigen und, meines Erachtens, wichtigsten Listen mittlerweile ziemlich gut. Ich muss sagen, ich bin ziemlich erstaunt, wieviele absolut nicht cruelty free Firmen bei Dir als cruelty free gelistet sind, unabhängig von der China Problematik… Vielleicht solltest Du mal bei Erbse’s Blog nochmal nach schauen oder die Liste von Paula’s Choice/ Beautypedia konsultieren, es ändern sich ja immer ständig Sachen…. Ich denke man hat als Blogger schon eine gewisse Verantwortung was solche Listen angeht, nicht jeder macht sich die Mühe sowas doppelt zu checken. LG

    • Danke für deinen Comment. Ich muss erst sagen, dass ich allein arbeite, und bin nicht allwissend. Ich probiere schon alles aktuell zu behalten, aber manchmal bin ich ein bisschen Spät. Wenn du etwas siehst, dass nicht richtig ist, sag es mir speziell und ich werde es dann recherchieren.

  4. This design is spectacular! You definitely know how to keep a reader amused.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great
    job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that,
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